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Live Talk

There are several characters in Google Beta 3 who have come alive inside me - as all good characters do at some point, given enough attention. Above are links to the thoughts of these characters. Each gets full free rein to talk about whatever they want to here. In this way, these characters can continue their unique expression in the present moment.


What these characters will talk about here are all the things I couldn't find time or space to let them express in the book. This is an experiment to more fully tap the digital online potential for expanding a novel into an ongoing living evolving happening ... any author involved in creating a series of books with ongoing characters is naturally partcipating in this 'TV series' approach to fiction.


I herein commit myself as best I can to spending a bit of time regularly with these characters, so they have the power to continue to express their unique perspectives ...  come by any day, enter the CHARACTER PORTAL - and enjoy whatever is coming to us through these characters ...     John

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