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Screenplays Ready For Production


Note From John:  After grad school I began my writing career studying filmmaking at AFI, but not fitting into the commercial Hollywood scene back then, I shifted into non-fiction writing and my therapy career. I did however continue exploring the dramatic expression of personal growth in film - and recently I've returned to the screenwriting profession, and along with my own film projects (see below) I help people with great film ideas to manifest their vision.


Below are my current film properties .


Deep Peril Web.jpg

Sabotage / Deep Sea Romance / Murder

Deep Peril

"Who Rules The Deep Seas?"


Merging quick wit, breakthrough tech, intimate intrigue and a killer on board,  Deep Peril delivers a unique murder mystery immersed in an international ecological confrontation – that suddenly explodes on board the Aladdin.


Julia Finch is an edgy athletic woman who’s just received her doctorate in deep-sea minerology.  She’s ripe for something seriously new – and it comes at her as an invitation to be the on-board minerologist during a secretive deep-sea research cruise.


In Washington a senator has assigned his much-loved nephew Jason to be the Senate observer on that same ship – the Aladdin – and Jason just happens to share a convoluted back-story with Julia.


Awaiting them on the Aladdin is a remarkable mad man who unfortunately has a hidden penchant for doing very bad things. Fortunately both Julia and Jason have humor, guts and heads-up hope on their side.


10% Max Web.jpg

Tech Attack From Above / World Transformation 

10 % Max

"Good Guys Doing Bad Things"


What would you do if your beloved UN peace-keeper wife was kidnapped by middle-east terrorists – forgive or seek revenge? Jack Hadley teams with an international  communications mogul and the brilliant bioresonance scientist Ursula Traeger to launch a satellite-driven plot to zap violent hot-spots of the earth, employing microwave broadcasts to permanently alter the violence-center of targeted brains.


TEN%MAX races through the final days before activation of this extreme anti-terrorist weapon. When the US President secretly signs on (to keep the world from plunging into chaos) all hell breaks loose-  as Jack’s partners struggle to decide which micro-populations to target. Has Jack birthed a monster in his passion to revenge his wife’s abduction?


TEN%MAX unleashes seven would-be heroes daring to violate traditional ethics for the higher good – unleashing unexpected greed, prejudice and sabotage as best-laid plans lead to the unspeakable. Jack finally has to push beyond revenge into doing what his gut says is right – but is he already too late?



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Heart Force Web.jpg

Mature Romance /  High Adventure /  Inspiration 

Heart Force

"Mahee & The Jade Phallus"

This is a most-unusual project, ten years in the making just to get the novels and seven episodes complete and ready to roll. It's the story of a nervy young man who gets caught up in a highly-unusual woman's drama - and dares to follow her and take part in the tale of the jade phallus.  


When Jack Holmon, a brilliant but conflicted bio-psych professor at Berkeley, falls in love with Mahalena Bernhardt,  a mysterious post-feminist German-Mayan woman with revolutionary/mystic vibes, they end up risking their lives in order to explore Mahee’s passionate 'a la nueva' vision.


Even while struggling against the CIA, Google, and Mahalena’s genius-run-amok twin brother Bernardo, they find time for a wild, compassionate (and often very sexy) intimate entanglement.

Bernardo has been secretly developing his illegal mind-manipulation resonance-tech, combining just-emerging neuro-resonance tech with a touch of ancient shamanic  procedures that require the ceremonial jade phallus. Like I said, this is slightly wild drama with a heavy punch. Bernardo is set quite sci-fi realistically to secretly bombard the minds of key world leaders. Mahalena is determined to stop him - not with more violence, but through her ‘a la nueva’ mindset.


Based solidly on quantum science, this illuminating adventure rushes from San Francisco to highland Guatemala, exploding our notion of traditional suspense with a unique heart-focused vision of uplifted human potential. And throughout the adventure, an ancient Mayan jade phallus pushes the plot deeper and deeper ...


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