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For those of you who've read my mood-uplift and mindfulness meditation books (Quiet Your Mind; Seven Masters, One Path; Kundalini Awakening; Let Love Find You; Expand This Moment, etc.) this Enjoy This Moment app will take you deeper into emotional healing, inner awakenings and loads of pure pleasure.

If you're new to this short-form mindfulness process, just install the app and relax as we guide you effortlessly through each new experience.

We assure you that all content on this app resonates with the principles of Positive Psychology and the shared wisdom and virtues of the world's religions. There's no theological bias here - this app is for everyone! 

You'll find over a hundred short audio guidance programs on this app to enjoy whenever you want to relax, feel better, let go of worries and focus in directions that uplift your spirit and nurture your soul.

You'll also enjoy 24 short video meditations, 35 Primal Journeys, 26 Virtue Meditations, plus three Wakeup Games and over 1,000 special elicitor photos and artworks.

There's literally years of adventure and discovery on this app. You'll also enjoy listening to John Selby read the podcast of his new HIGH HEART novel. And be sure to collect your favorite programs for future enjoyment. 

And - it's all free, with donations thankfully welcomed.

We encourage you to send this URL page to your friends and associates, to help them move through this difficult winter with bright spirits and hopeful thoughts and actions.


Enjoy This Moment app


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