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First of all, let me say something that John wouldn't let me say outright in the story: my pesonal experience is that from a very broad perspective, everyone lives continuously within various dimensions of reality, fantasy, illusion, and myth - not to mention the whole dream-world experience. Myths and archetypes, villains and heros, characters and also the people who create those characters, all seem to emerge from a dimension of consciousness that science has yet to stick a meter onto.


I myself have my being and emerge from this vast universal dimension. I therefore carry a core resonance that is an energetic drop-down, as Nicola Tesla would call it, from our planetary/universal origins into the physical mind of one particular person - I am that drop-down - that's me.


Luckily my drop-down vehicle, John Selby, is a former therapist who can handle having a bunch of drop-down characters living in his mind. We're also sometimes right inside his body as felt-perceptions - at least I know that John sometimes experiences exactly what I'm feeling as I move through his GB3 story. This is what gives this story its deeper insight into the male-female balance (which is actually what the story is all about).


Seen from a particular perspective, good novelists are by definition functionally insane - they live so many of their waking moments lost in some unseen ozone space where their drop-down characters and archetypes are experienced as real, often even more real, it seems, than the real people in the author's life.


Literally for thirty-six years (ever since John met the real human being who originally connected my character to him) I have been a primary drop-down for John. He has never really resisted my presence even though he's spent a lot of time focused, of necessity, quite elsewhere. It seems that he needs me, and I need him. Our relationship is definitely symbiotic. I exist purely because of John, and John allows a special female dimension of himself to exist through me. This manifests wth particular clarity in the second novel of this series, 10%MAX where I am placed in extremis and must deal with a situation that pushes me to unexpected insights into what life is all about. 


John often says that I take over every interestsing female character he comes up with. That's an exageration (Is that the right spelling? English is my third or fourth language). But yes, very often I find myself being pulled, lured, welcomed and otherwise encouraged to let my light shine inside the confines of various curious plots that seem to take over John's mind, without his hardly even asking.


Participation in John's stories is simply a required act for me. I very seldom question the situations John throws me into - Google Beta 3 put me into situations that are right on the edge of hard to take, and yet  I have fully enjoyed being in this drama. 


Now however, for some reason I am to start the next story, the sequel to Google Beta 3, as Mahalena again, but five years later as a roughed up prisoner of an ISIS type gang way off in nowhere in northern Afghanistan - and I suspect I'm going to be asked to experience some extremes of both body and spirit. Oh well - given my alternatives at this point, why not? A la nueva - or however they say that in Afghani.



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