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So finally I get my say. Always the last. That's been my life, and of course I know how to deal with it. From birth this lifetime I was battered psychologically by primitive narrow-minded foolish and unfair people who knew only how to fear me. Yes, that was my childhood - being looked at as a lethal threat to Mahee's glorious future. I think I first imagined her dead when I was four.


But let's not go there. I am not sure why I'm even participating in this. I laid out a purely logical hopeful rationalle for ending Google Beta 3 with my triumphant culminating week of gently lulling the human population of the world into a more benign humane mindset. The author listened to me, he took in my logic - he heard why I was right. But then what did he do? He went and trusted his goddamn muse or some such - and look what happened when he did that!


What I do very much appreciate is that he at least gave me a fair shake here and there in the book, so that readers could see my logic, could sense my deep desire to do good, could applaud me for transcending the lower emotions so that I could act as was required of me. But in the end the author failed us. He fell back on all his romantic notions of love and life.


And so we cannot say that the future looks bright, not when reactive personalities are leading us. Tech is our hope of course - but tech must be run by people like me. And of course there are lots of people like me.



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