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My presence on this website, way out in the internet world stretches me very far. I don't type or use computers at all, but I've observed their almost psychic attraction that has taken over the whole world in the same time that I have grown from seventy to ninety. Mahee has told me about what Bernardo was trying to accomplish with his technological inventions. Who am I, an old woman in a native village, to judge something like the internet?


All I can do at this point is wish you all youngsters as good a life as I have had during my phase of history. I could tell that Bernardo was out to influence that history from the time he was two years old - and who is to say what is of the genes and heredity, what is from the parents and experience, and what is from the stars?


Perhaps we are fated, who can say? I have done my best throughout my life to live as my teacher and aunt taught me - with my focus of attention in all my seven chakras at once. And in that quality of consciousness it does seem that in the present moment, there is no choice in what we do - there is only the clear perception of the situation, and then the natural wholebody response.



What we know is that everything is continually changing, and everything forever remains the same. Within that context, life flows. To see the paradox, as they call it, to see the love, to see the great joke of it all ... I do hope the internet helps you to see this. 



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