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Mindfully High - responsible toking

Finally it seems that people everywhere are coming out of the cannabis closet and admitting that yes, we use marijuana and yes, we're proud of this aspect of our lives. I've been involved in the psychological and meditative dimension of cannabis usage since I did my first NIH research study on that topic at the New Jersey Neuro-psychiatric Institute several decades ago. My focus throughout has been on how to use grass mindfully, so as to reap the many benefits and avoid the pitfalls of this psychoactive additive to contemporary life. Now finally I've had time to work with an app team and develop a specific program for approaching cannabis mindfully. The result is the Mindfully High book and the MindfullyHigh App.

How in practical usage do marijuana and mindfulness meditation merge into a unified program? How can we get high and use a tech aid such as an app to focus in mindfully-rewarding directions? How can we make sure, if we're a novice at getting high, that we're going to have a positive experience when we experiment for the first time with grass? How does cannabis impact the brain of a teenager compared with a mature adult? How can seasoned users of grass expand their experience in insightful directions?

If these questions (and many more about the future of cannabis in American society) are of interest to you, please visit our website featuring the Mindfully High book and free mobile app, to explore this vital topic in depth:

Mindfully High (the book & app)

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