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Transformation Screenplays

We've just posted five feature screenplays that I've developed and written over the years but never found time to focus upon for long enough to manifest as films. Two of these scripts did go into production - but the projects fell apart as so often happens. I studied film making early on, in 1972 and 1973 at the original Doheny Mansion base of the American Film Institute - and ever since have been working to dramatize (and thus expose) the dangers of trying to supposedly improve the human experience through bio-tech innovation. Most of my original screenplays explore various explosive expressions of high tech, admixing with ancient emotional and spiritual components of the human spirit.

I do still hope to get these movies produced. Meanwhile I feel that the stories and themes and characters in these 5 scripts deserve airing - and so I'm putting them up here as an essential part of my life work - just to see what happens.

I also intend to find time to turn these screenplays into novels. My five novels posted on this site likewise began as screenplays and then evolved into the more complex novel versions. Perhaps you haven't read screenplays before as literature - I encourage you to do so, because reading a script lets you play director and create the whole experience in your head, even more than a novel does.

Herein You'll find a Santa Barbara bio-takeover plot, then an intense Kauai love story with subtle racial undertows, followed by a disturbing but insightful Ojai story of a doctor who so loves his dying daughter that he taps healing powers - and suffers the consequences. Then comes the story closest to my heart and my past, exploring a ranching family that slips into a mysterious spiritual encounter with a California mythic hero - it's my version of a new type of mature coming-of-age tale. And finally there's a pure fun adventure up in San Luis Obispo with humor, murder, romance and all the rest -

Except for the Hawaii tale, These are all California stories because that's my family roots for four generations. I look forward to being on set shooting amidst the vivid nature that backdrop the drama, the romance, the bio-tech explosions and spiritual awakenings being portrayed.

Click SCREENPLAYS for more - enjoy!

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