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Blowing America's Mind: Princeton, CIA & LSD

All four of my new novels in the Jack Hadley Mystery series have, as their root impetus, a real-life historic research institute that in the sixties was funded by NIH, and directed secretly by the CIA's nefarious MK-ULTRA mind-manipulation program. I unwittingly participated in this well-funded CIA conspiracy, doing both hypnotic and psychedelic consciousness-expansion research for 2 years under the tutelage of Humphry Osmond MD who ran the Institute.

Literally for 50 years, my co-author Paul Davids and I struggled to write a reveal-all book about what we'd experienced at the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. It had been a wild and crazy time, with Alan Watts and Tim Leary and other psychedelic pioneers coming by regularly to advise the research. But writing the book seemed impossible - because both Paul and I had been given strong post-hypnotic conditions NEVER to remember what we'd experienced at the Institute. That was the final nasty twist of the CIA mind-manipulation research.

After several failures to piece together our memories, Paul and I mostly gave up on the project. But in the last few years, we've finally managed to remember and write down, in dramatic format, what happened back then. Now we finally have this seminal book published, and it's doing well, except for reactions from old Princeton buddies who think I've forever tarnished the reputation of Princeton University (and their college memories) by releasing this true account to the world.

In itself, this story is a great read because the historic events were unexpected and radical. In addition, this book also documents the true experimental roots of all the science-fiction mind-manipulation technology that I've put into my 4 new novels. Everything will make more sense in those novels, once you've read this source book - whose initials express its impact - BAM! Below is the web address of the BAM website where you can learn more of the book, read sample pages, and get educated about this particular manifestation of America's Secret Service doing very bad things.

I especially want to mention that this book never would have seen the light if my co-author, the filmmaker Paul Davids, hadn't persevered for 5 decades to manifest the published version. Paul was my hypnotic-research subject at the Institute and also a fellow Princeton student, and our two stories documenting the same research situation can together help elucidate the actual place and events.

For more: go to Blowing America's Mind

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