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Mahee Speaks (soon)

I've been spending every minute of my free time working on my new novel, MAHEE SPEAKS. And I just can't help it - this is a radical story in every way. I didn't 'come up with' the story, I somehow unknowingly worked myself into a plot corner where I have no option but to write this book, and write it as pure unbarred literature, not as genre fiction.

For those of you who've already read one or more of the Jack Hadley novels featured on this site, you'll find MAHEE SPEAKS a genuine climax to those first four novels about the Hadley family and their various dimensions of involvement with psych-tech innovation and mood manipulation strategies.

All during TEN PERCENT MAX Jack Hadley's wife and life partner and spiritual inspiration is said to be either dead or held hostage by an ISIS or Taliban operant in Afghanistan. MAHEE SPEAKS lets us know what has happened to her - and we find out purely from what she mutters into her cell phone after 9 months of radical isolation. She's always been the mystery person in the Hadley novels - and now finally she, well - she gets to speak.

There's also someone else in this new story - yet another Hadley cousin and uncle. His name is John, he's seventy - and what he has to say is equally unexpected and enticing. I won't spoil the tale for you by telling any more at this point - except to say that yes, I'm deep into the writing of this book, it's taking me to my limits on several fronts - I'm just totally engaged for the duration.

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