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Approaching Perfection (I Hope)

Having gathered many helpful comments and suggestions from reader friends during this last 6 months, I've now spent a few weeks in retreat, re-polishing all 4 books in the Jack Hadley suspense series. Especially, I've advanced dialog throughout, cutting everything superfluous to the plot so that the flow is optimum. Hopefully I've also caught all the tiny typos.

I find this new 'ever improving' aspect of print-on-demand publishing quite exciting as a novelist - it means that I can continue to make my creation better and better, rather than just pounding out a manuscript like we did in the old days and sending it off to the publisher to set in print cement. We're in a whole new phase of literature, with this new 'author power' to advance a novel ion the direction of perfection.

But now I rest my case - this is as good as I can get all this - and so out it all goes. If you've read earlier editions, you might want to look at the new first chapters posted on this site (or on Amazon) to see how this revision reads - also in Google Beta 3, I've

massaged the way in which I present the Google/Alphabet dimensions, based on reader feedback.


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