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VIBE TRIBE: it's done!

I've just spent the last six months finishing up the fourth novel in the Jack Hadley Mystery series. Somehow I felt almost compulsively determined to finish this new dimension of the Hadley family saga - and now it's done!

VIBE TRIBE itself ... I've never written anything quite like it style-wize. The main character who tells the story first-hand is yet another Hadley Clan member, and because he's a successful novelist, I've allowed his voice to write with his full literary capacity, playing with words and saying even basic action paragraphs with a touch of poetic spin to keep the reader entertained on all fronts.

But the female lead really steals the show - she's modeled after a remarkable woman I knew in Europe who speaks her own version of English (she's from Yugoslavia) and, similar to Mahalena in Google Beta 3, pushes every limit she runs into with passion, vision, and reckless abandon.

The reason I felt I had to get this fourth book finished before releasing the Jack Hadley Series is because it clarifies a lot of what was being done illegally at the Institute, research mentioned as 'root cause' in Google Beta 3, Shooting Angels and Ten%Max - and we now finally come face to face with the perhaps-evil, perhaps-godsend scientist at the Institute as he prepares to do something ethically outrageous but perhaps historically essential for the survival of the human race - this is the Series theme, and the end of VIBE TRIBE leaves both the main characters and the book's readers struggling with ultimate human questions.

I'll post the first chapters of VIBE TRIBE on this site quite soon - and look forward to your response. You can also read into the book on Amazon.

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