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Jack Hadley Mystery series update

I've recently been 'gone' from this site, over-busy working with Plantronics on the real-life evolution of psych-tech product. Finally time has opened up again to move forward with publishing and marketing the first 3 novels in the Jack Hadley series, which are now featured on this website etc. You can read all three either as kindle or paper - and see how the characters evolve in each story - and how the underlying psych-tech themes continue to inform and drive the drama.

I'm just now in the murky but essential process of deciding whether to publish and promote this mystery series on my own, or turn to traditional publishers and team with them again - it's a hard decision, so I've gone ahead and taken these three novels to full published completion on my own. This will allow all the various marketing/sales options to be evaluated openly. I'll keep you posted here regarding the business element of such a fiction project - I'm actually finding this publishing step good drama in and of itself ...

You might want to check out in particular the third entry in this Jack Hadley Mystery series, SHOOTING ANGELS. This historic murder story seems to be an oddball in the series but in fact is an essential window into the early awakening of psych-tech in our society, back in the late 1960s when the psychedelic explosion hit science circles and

unleashed a nascent vision of how tech can be used to manipulate and hopefully improve our overall emotional and mental condition. SHOOTING ANGELS is also just a good old plain exciting murder mystery ... that happens to reveal my own early plunge into chemical and tech additives that spur insight and flashes of genius in the scientific community. More on this later.


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