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Mind Dance

I've recently gone through my lifetime of writing poetry and lyrics - during my 20's my primary professional focus was song-writing and poemics; I didn't realize it at the time, but as I now go through and edit all my poems and lyrics, I find a hundred poems and around 30 songs that I still love and consider of lasting value. And so I'm finally for the fist time publishing my poemic output.

The book is called MIND DANCE: POEMIC PROVOCATIONS. From all my poetic writings I've selected and edited 110 poems; this slim book is available for just a buck on Kindle, and at the lowest acceptable price on Amazon for the quality paperback edition.

I've also just uploaded 20 audio recordings of the first of these poems and lyrics - and yes, sometimes I go ahead and sing the songs as well as read them as poetry. Just click on READINGS and you can enjoy these poems - they range from relationships to revolution, odes to the deeper things in life and yes, sharp, even acerbic criticism of what needs urgent attention and transformation in our world society.

People are already asking me, how does MIND DANCE and its message relate to GOOGLE BETA 3 and its urgent call to arms in the psych-tech world? The answer is a bit complex, because in many ways, the author of MIND DANCE seems to be Jack Hadley's father in his younger days - both come from cattle ranch childhoods in California, both have a sharp psychological edge, both are pushing for rapid evolution of not revolution - and both have a strong element of mature romance and intimate observation to their personalities. So I think it's fair to associate the poems and lyrics in MIND DANCE to Jack's father who was murdered - giving these poems and songs a special depth.

But MIND DANCE for me also runs deeper - I haven't exposed myself as a writer quite this way before, at least not since I was on stage singing my songs in my twenties. After not even reading most of these poems for 30 years (we found the mss in the bottom of an old box in the barn a few months ago) I was startled at the clarity and audacity and sense of vision that sometimes gripped me way back when - and also especially surprised at how relevant these youthful outbursts remain ... even more relevant now than then perhaps.

"Time marches on - we never know what's next - but just to know that you're my friend - I feel that I've been blessed."

Recording all 110 poems/lyrics of this collection was intense - my voice took on all sorts of character voices to match the poems, and I found myself experiencing feelings beyond my normal state - and it felt good! So ... enjoy the 20 audio tracks at READINGS - and I'll be posting more in the coming weeks.

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