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Tight Plot vs. Pure Channel

My original intent with writing Google Beta 3 (GB3) was to finally participate fully within the parameters of genre fiction, so as to gain a wide audience for the deeper themes I wanted to explore and get people talking more about - the transformation of male-female interaction and cooperation; the examination of new psych-tech inventions that will seriously challenge our civilization; the merging of ancient and brand-new dimensions of our world culture, etc.

I therefore used my early screenplay training and experience to generate a tight hot action plot that, if properly written, would be hard to put down once you start reading it. I happen to also very much enjoy good psychological suspense, especially if there's a deep love story imbedded that touches the heart and expands my sense of the consequences of surrendering completely to the power and logic of sexual love.

But ... here's what happened, and here's how I have perhaps gotten myself into trouble with certain Google supporters. I originally intended to have just one Google character in the story, Larry - but when he got into deep trouble (without my hardly giving permission) he called up to his immediate superior at Google for advice and help - and suddenly I had a new character talking in my story, someone that I didn't even know - Randall.

Then at a certain hot spot in the story, Randall round himself over his head, and called his own immediate superior - right at the top. I had absolutely no idea who this person was, but I found myself writing dialog in which he was participating as an extension of Larry's situation - and thus I found myself channeling a pure character, out of the blue - Hank McCoy, Randall's therapist and spiritual advisor and who knows what else - stay tuned!

The dialog between Randall and Hank surprised me as I wrote it. I do love writing pure spontaneous fiction - but usually it gets cut later on. This dialog didn't get cut, nor did any of ther other Google leadership dialog get cut - because it somehow provides a perfect ballast for the rest of the story. We see how one simple act - Larry bringing Jack into the story to meet with Mahalena - can lead to a sudden situation where the core leadership of Google gets shaken up - hopefully for the better.

So - I assume full responsibility for the fictional Google characters in GB3 ... certainly these CEO personalities were drawn from/influenced by CEOs I've worked with over the years as private therapy clients - but I also know that my ego mind didn't create these characters - they exist somehow in some fiction-cloud, that realm of creation where things happen that surprise even the author - and encountering that edge is what most fiction writers live for ...

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