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HIGHER FORCES plunges a remarkable young spiritually-evolved Mayan woman into a very nasty Silicon Valley plot. A renegade Stanford scientist is preparing to illegally manipulate mass emotion via secret bio-resonance technology. Through gripping action and mature romance, HIGHER FORCES exposes urgent scientific & ethical issues as our two heroes struggle to destroy a white-collar terrorist plot - before world leaders get their minds zapped and terrorists win.


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How far would you go to eliminate terrorism? Brilliant American mood-psych scientists have secretly developed the means of zapping terrorist minds through targeted satellite broadcasts - but now their own team goes half-crazy as they fight over who's to get zapped.


TEN%MAX exposes the final week before a monstrous planetary-wide attack is delivered by the supposed good-guys.

Breaking himself free from an insideous hypnotic condition, Ben Hadley   remembers doing illegal viral research ten years ago, and writes a tell-all about the head scientist and the CIA. When his literary agent is murdered at the Frankfurt Book Faire, Benjy teams with a remarkable (and deadly) Rumanian woman to pursue the scientist - and destroy his deadly virus that will otherwise make most women infertile.

Prequel to The Jade Phallus, this unique murder mystery, based solidly on historic fact, takes us back to San Francisco in 1969 as an early psych-tech pioneer gets accused of murdering his best friend - who had slipped into the real-life persona of a modern-day Jesus.


SHOOTING ANGELS follows a tough cattleman cop and his son on a wild chase to out-smart the CIA and finally put down the real killer.

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Deeply grounded in Ojai valley history, contemporary drama and Chumash mythology, this new John Selby novel exposes four people caught in the multi-dimensional unfolding of a bank robbery, murder mystery, and intense coming-of-age romance. A unique merger of historic and mythic truth, the novel offers a new vision of love, sacrifice and liberation exploding during a fated Easter vacation.


Flura Spark, 20, is brilliant but caught in a nasty marriage.  Benny Scope has turned 16 over-steeped in Chumash myths and hungry for sexual fulfillment.  Jacko Murrieta, great grandson of the notorious Zorro anti-hero, is pushed to rob a bank to save his mother. And Frank Scope at 48 struggles to find forgiveness and new love. Together they plunge into life-or-death encounters with each other, nature and the law – as they open up to emotional healing and spiritual awakening.


MURRIETA'S LEAP delivers unique fiction revealing both the historic pathos and also the upsurging faith and hope still vibrantly alive in Ojai – where the spirits of Chief Matilija, Juaquin Murrieta and Krishnamurti reach out to the hearts of a new generation.

a lucid tale of love and discovery

The release of this new novel is the culmination of a decade of research and writing ... and rewriting. As some of you know, I published the thriller-suspense version of this story last year in the novel Higher Forces (see below). I've now put aside the complexity of the third-person thriller plot in order to get right to the heart of this mythic tale. The deep love story and unique spiritual journey now run parallel to the suspense elements of the plot. Mahalena, a remarkable new post-feminist hero (who actually walks the walk) finally manages to guide the story's climax into a unique new revelation - where science, intuition, and passion  unexpectedly merge ... to truly serve the higher good.  A la nueva! 

NOTE:  This novel and Higher Forces are the foundation of the cable series


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