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Ten % Max Front Cover New 2022.jpg

Set just a few years in the future, this white-collar terrorist plot exposes the dangers of psych-tech experimentation currently in development in Silicon Valley. Along with delivering an exciting action plot, author John Selby raises core ethical/scientific questions we should publically discuss and make wise decisions about - before it is in fact too late.


What would you do if your beloved UN peace-keeper wife was kidnapped on an Afghanistan trip - forgive or seek revenge? Jack Hadley teams with the brilliant bioresonance scientist Ursula Traeger to launch a satellite-driven plot to zap violent hot-spots of the earth, employing microwave broadcasts to permanently pacify the violence-center of targeted brains.


TEN%MAX races through the final days before activation of this secret anti-terrorist weapon. When the US President secretly signs on (to keep the world from plunging into chaos) all hell breaks loose as Jack's partners fight to determine which micro-populations to target.


Has Jack birthed a tech monster in his passion to revenge his wife's abduction? And do we really have any alternative to developing this type of forced pacification to permanently end terrorist violence in the world? TEN%MAX propels its readers into the drama underlying the science.

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