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Limited Series

            bio sci-fi - exciting - social issues - enlightening - intimate - provocative

The gaping elephant in the room that continues to threaten our entire human species remains (even though we try to ignore it) the blunt fact that there’s way too many of us on the planet – and far too many of us with violence-prone intolerant tendencies. In TEN%MAX a clandestine team of white-collar neuroscientists attempts to use satellite broadcasts of a symphony of microwave-frequencies to transform the amygdala in target populations, in order to save humanity from destroying itself.

Running perhaps ten years ahead of current scientific research, TEN%MAX forecasts a predicament where the good guys decide they must do something really bad in order to avert the looming planetary disaster we face. They have the breakthrough science, the secret delivery method, and the guts to accomplish their good-guy terrorist intent. What they don’t have is a shared vision of exactly what they intend to achieve – thus the explosive drama that this 4-episode miniseries portrays.

Meet Ursula, a Scandinavian neuroscientist who has perfected a microwave treatment that can reduce or even eliminate reactionary violent urges in the brain’s amygdala. Working without governmental knowledge or medical approval, she and her brilliant team have everything in place to actually manifest their takeover of negative emotional programming. And look out – in four days, on Easter Sunday, they’re going to do just that.

One of the team, Teddy, who has inherited his father’s massive international communications corporation, has been working with the American president’s chief of staff to enable the satellite broadcasts. Ursula’s spiritual master, Damek, in southern Germany, has overseen the illegal human-subject fMRI research at his isolated Black Forest ashram – and the hero of the series, Jack Hadley, whose father invented the technology at Stanford and then got murdered, is coordinating the whole effort.

But all hell breaks loose within this team as they conduct a test experiment to prove to the President that they can wipe out terrorist groups through pinpointed broadcasts around the world. They can even, they claim, zap heads of state in terrorist nations. Moving from the Near East to Europe to Washington DC and finally to the secret base in central California, TEN%MAX reveals from the inside-out how this team fights against each other in order to determine exactly what target populations to zap, and with which exact frequencies.

Here’s the thing – based on Ursula’s programming, Teddy’s satellites can target individuals, or compounds, or whole communities – or indeed the entire world population. And Ursula can select only males (to zap violence) or only females (to induce infertility). She can target just 10% of the world population (thus the series title) or treat everyone equally. She and her tech partner end up caught in the subterfuge of decision-making, pressured by three different (male) players.

Teddy is a closet racist – he wants to zap everybody except whites with the aggression-reduction frequencies, so that whites will dominate the business and political world and reign supreme. Jack’s indigenous American lover wants to zap all except indigenous peoples, so that they can finally regain their dominance. The President (through her aide) insists that only terrorist leaders and their followers be zapped. Jack wants everybody equally to be treated with a very mild version of the satellite broadcast – or not at all.

And what does Ursula ultimately decide to do, without the others knowing the decision? Before she can act on Easter Sunday, her spiritual master attacks the secret operations center to force his will on the group and the world – and yes, all hell does break loose!

For the detailed Series Proposal, please request formal access.

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