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connecting you with your inner voice of wisdom

My friend and writing partner has compressed and transformed a number of Tarot traditions into a daily synchronistic program.


I'm pleased to include on my website free access to the final expression of this new approach to Tarot - the Teal Tarot App.


You'll find that using this unique insight tool will sync perfectly into my other programs for personal growth and awakening.

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The 78 images and descriptions represent universal qualities that we all carry within us, regardless of our cultural or family upbringing.


Each card reflects a particular state of consciousness, or level of mastery, and can assist us in navigating the daily ups and downs of life.

Recognize your creative potential, and let your

enthusiasm and determination

take you to new heights.

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A trusting heart does not

resist or protect itself,

nor push or use any effort.

This reflects direct knowing,

and emotional integrity.

The mind that has overcome

doubt and confusion

can see through illusions,

and inspire through objectivity,

honesty and clear understanding.

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Trust, and common sense

bring opportunities for success,

thus making it possible

to enjoy life's abundance.

The term 'Teal' in the title of the app refers to the seventh color in the human evolutionary spectrum. This mature Teal quality of consciousness reflects our emerging ability to expand our worldview beyond fear-based assumptions and outdated belief structures, so we can more fully express our unrealized potential and inherent wisdom.

The Teal Tarot vision sees all of humanity consciously living together as one harmonious organism, actively embodying the universal human virtues that express our compassionate peaceful best. With this in mind, it’s up to each of us to look as deeply as we choose, into the mirror of Teal Tarot.

Teal Tarot

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