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Multi-Season Series

            interns - mentors - exotic - romance - travel - insightful - career - informative

Most interns never get even close to their secret dream assignment – that ultimate placement into an exciting work culture with a remarkable mentor in an exotic location. They hunger for a unique work challenge, maybe a deep romantic encounter – an assignment from which they emerge feeling inspired, triumphant and fulfilled. Our new series aims to bring all those hidden intern visions to the dramatic fore.

InternVentures delivers the opposite of a bland (and often boring) industry docudrama or yet another fake reality show. We’re talking full-on scripted drama that’s highly entertaining but also loaded with significant personal growth, real human entanglements, and non-stop exploration of exciting work situations, intriguing cultural environments, and hot suspense.

This on-going cable series, inspired by the Intern Books by Robert Khoury,  taps deeply into a rich reservoir of youthful adventure, romance, challenge, and personal awakening. Every episode delivers an unexpected plunge into an at-work situation featuring lurking threats, budding romance, unforgettable characters – and sudden insights into all kinds of career opportunities.

This series enables viewers of all ages to vicariously travel with a gutsy intern into a unique business environment where a seasoned mentor helps the intern negotiate all kinds of suspenseful situations, while exploring the surrounding local culture and meaningful relationships.

Imagine an intern from a wealthy family in Chicago stepping off a plane in Katmandu to intern with a local expedition-guide taking a small group on a challenging adventure – where an American couple on the trip is caught in an explosive marital battle. Then in the next series of episodes an intern arrives at a seventh-generation winery in Cape Town where their mentor is secretly trying to expose a destructive embezzlement scheme. Then comes an episode where a tough Maine logger’s son gets his dream internship at a Montana cattle ranch – and discovers a renegade extremist gang on the ranch next door that’s planning an act of sabotage – the possibilities are almost limitless.

And the focus isn’t just on the intern. The mentor or manager of the intern in each episode is equally important. Mature adults will identify with the mentor who is striving to be supportive, insightful, and still growing in wisdom and compassion. Parents, teachers, managers and grandparents will all resonate with this mentor/intern drama, while younger generations will be inspired by the intern’s adventures and realizations.

InternVentures has the potential to become a long-running series that continues to inform, inspire and entertain – with every new set of episodes taking us off into a trade or profession that in and of itself is intriguing. Often several episodes will be shot in one location as we get deeper into the expanding intern/mentor adventure. And of course the romantic element will be vital, not to mention the presence of characters who are seriously up to no good in the situation.

Sample Intern Assignments: When imagining an intern situation, people usually think of relatively-boring corporate assignments in rather sterile emotional environments – and of course our series will include some of these with a strong dramatic twist. But the world abounds in more-interesting assignments for interns to seek out. How about a video-game design internship in Seattle, or a mansion caretaking/landscaping adventure in Nice, an NGO irrigation internship in Ethiopia or a World Bank intern in Vietnam?

In each assignment the intern will be forced to confront their own inhibitions and prejudices, take risks both emotionally and physically, and open up to learn from their mentor and others in the story. Perhaps they get assigned to an architect firm in Barcelona, an eco-tourist startup in Lago Atitlan, or they arrive in London to take on the city as a grad-school assistant. Maybe they drop into a film-production company in Hollywood, or travel with a young politician running for governor in Texas. With our high-variety script formula, InternVentures can easily generate literally hundreds of stimulating and rewarding intern adventures.

Using our special plot/locale/character ingredients, every intern location and profession will be rich in travelogue beauty, romantic ambiance, edgy drama, local intrigue, and career insights. For more info, please request access to our Pilot Screenplays and expanded Series Proposal.

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