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Featured Books


John has written over three dozen books on topics ranging from adventure fiction to mindful meditation, sexual relating to spiritual awakening, business success to core psychological integration.  Here are several you might find of high value:


Blowing America's Mind (just published!)


Co-author Paul Davids and I have finally completed and published this original Institute drama upon which my four other new novels are based. But there's a big difference with this book - it's not fiction based on historic fact, it's an actual dramatic presentation of what we lived through in 1967-68 at Princeton University and the nearby Neuro-Psychiatric Institute where we were employed in deep hypnosis and LSD micro-dosing research funded by the CIA.


This is the inside account of how America's CIA and its nefarious MK-ULTRA mind-manipulation project impacted and violated the rights and integrity of its own citizens, revealed after fifty years in the hope that it might deter present-day violations. It's also just a great drama and love story about an excellent university and our highly-questionable U.S. Intelligence Community. 

Executive Genius

All leaders want to be respected as innovative, charismatic, insightful, and even wise. But are these qualities we're simply born with, or are we capable of purposefully nurturing and expanding our in-the-zone leadership powers?


John Selby has developed a unique approach to consciously encouraging a more mindful, creative, inspired and wise quality of consciousness in the workplace - through the use of key Focus Phrases that, when used daily, steadily help re-target one's attention in directions that stimulate the development of universally-accepted leadership qualities.

Quiet Your Mind


At the heart of the mindfulness meditation movement is the essential first step of learning to quiet the habitual flow of busy (and often negative) thoughts that tend to dominate one's inner experience. This book presents a clear process for quickly refocusing one's attention in specific perceptual directions that naturally quiet the flow of thoughts through the mind.​


Most negative emotions are provoked habitually by recurrent one-liner attitudes and reactions we learned in childhood. By learning to actively quiet those chronic negative reactions, you can side-step negative emotions and focus on healthy, enjoyable, and even enlightening thoughts and feelings. 

Let Love Find You

Even though we tend to micromanage most of our lives, most of us still assume that finding a true loved one is a mysterious magical happening that we can't approach rationally and direct to our advantage. This book teaches how to take charge of the elements of romance and mating that are in fact influenced by conscious personal development and awakening.


John Selby combines insights from behavior modification with deeper mindful meditation practices, in order to help you heal old emotional wounds, prepare yourself for a desired encounter - and succeed with that encounter as you discover your inner power to attract the ideal person into yor life. 

Seven Masters, One Path

This book continues to sell well after a decade in print. Following Kundalini Awakening In Everyday Life, this was John's formal discussion of how all the world's religions, at deeper meditative levels, are using a common set of cognitive procedures to refocus attention during meditation - directly to the point where individual consciousness encounters the univsersal consciousness to generate our common spiritual experience.


John's life work has examined how human beings share a great deal in common that makes us both human and humane. This book encourages this harmonious view of our human community, teaching seven meditations for focusing attention where we find our common spiritual ground.  

Audio Uplifts with John Selby

John provides professional audio guidance to accompany most of his books. Often the spoken word can guide us deeper into meditation and insight than the written word. John is currently also developing apps that deliver both audio and video guidance, so that we can access all his various guided sessions, some of them thirty seconds long, most of them 2-3 minutes long, some 10 minues long - to fit into any busy schedule.


You'll find a full selection of John's audio programs at Feel free to go there and sample this audio guidance.

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