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Along with many guided-audio experiences, you'll discover twenty-four 6-minute "Video Guidance" meditations awaiting you, offering a new experience each time you return to the app. You can also at any time go to "Collections" and watch one of the 6-minute meditations over and over, until it becomes second nature.


Any time you want, you can also enjoy our Nature Uplift 'meditation slide show' with over 1200 unique photos and artworks to contemplate. Every seventh photo includes a meditation Focus Phrase or saying to inspire your experience. Note: When you want to contemplate a photo or saying for longer than the 7 second setting, just tap the screen with two fingers and it pauses the flow until you tap with two fingers again. You can go to "Settings" and create your own unique pace and flow.


As a special feature, the Quiet Mind app functions on the principle of synchronicity, with a random-choice generator selecting what particular photo, audio or saying you're going to receive at that moment. Through this subtle power of synchronicity, you'll find that you often receive exactly the right input for your current mood and mindset. 

In the "Video Guidance" section, you'll also get to spin our Mindful Roulette Wheel and receive one of 400 unique sayings, queries and koans stimulating new insights as you delve into inner exploration. 


There's also a set of 100 40-second audio mini-vacations embedded in the Video Guidance section, to instantly help you relax, refocus, and fully enjoy the emerging moment - plus much more. Just install the free app, and everything is explained for you - totally simple.  

"Stay Mindfully Here Today"



Install Our New Short-Form Meditation App

We finally have our QUIET MIND 'Mindfully Here Today' app ready for free use.

Install it ... and the program unfolds effortlessly on your mobile device.



For those of you who have read my main meditation books (Quiet Your Mind; Seven Master, One Path; Kundalini Awakening; Expand This Moment, etc) this 24/7 short-form guided app will enhance your experience beautifully. If you're new to this short-form mindfulness process, just install the app and relax as the app moves you effortlessly through each new experience.

The Soul Of A New App


This new app-delivered mindfulness program has a curious history that highlights our culture's present historic situation:  Seven years ago, Birgitta and I moved back to California from Kauai to see how we might be of help in nurturing a more heart-centered at-work atmosphere. First we worked with Microsoft, but that fit was not optimal for us - they proved to be a bit too set in their ways to actively consider the somewhat revolutionary at-work mindfulness program we wanted to build.


So we took in private development funding (from Switzerland) and worked with a great app development team in Silicon Valley to envision and produce our first mindfulness app. The result was the early at-work WizeWell App. 


We were then almost immediately brought into Plantronics here in Santa Cruz, where we worked for two years developing and testing and then rebuilding a unique at-work short-form mindfulness app designed initially for call-center employees around the world. We were challenged to see what mindfulness experience we could deliver with just 40 seconds of focused attention. The results were exciting - we reduced the traditional mindfulness meditation experience down to its smallest intact units, and thus 'short-form' at-work app-guided meditation was born.

Employee results were solidly positive, the new app functioned beautifully during extensive testing in the work situation. But at the very last moment someone on the Board, while reviewing our contract for signing, decided that our mindfulness training, designed to encourage whole-body health and awareness, might actually be a potential profit-disrupter in corporations. The assigned funding to market the app through Plantronics suddenly fell through - and we parted ways, still owning the rights to the app.

Medical Marijuana Application

We then decided to advance the app on our own into an at-home short-form mindfulness program - but when we got done building this new app, we realized that its dynamic logic and underlying intent was still stuck in linear corporate mentality and tense at-work flow-lines. So we terminated WizeWell Inc at that point, because the corporate-focused venture wasn't flowing in directions we resonated with.


So ... we started anew, and this time decided to aim our mindfulness program where it was perhaps most needed - as a mostly not-for-profit project for people being prescribed medical marijuana for health concerns. Jesse Smith took over the lead in coding, and adapted our app to serve as a professional guide to help people using medical cannabis stay mindful and responsible while high - and also to use the cannabis experience to grow and heal emotionally.


In the process, he improved the flow of the app experience to where the user does almost nothing ... except relax and open up and enjoy the moment. The result of this project was the free Mindfully High App and accompanying book and blog and so forth, which is currently being well received by that rapidly-growing cannabis-user dimension of our culture.


But - over three-fourths of the population and certainly the large majority of meditators in America are not (at least as yet) interested in merging meditation and marijuana. So we went to work and again transformed our app - this time into the Quiet Your Mind program based on my popular book of the same title.


Pure Mindfulness Meditation

This new iteration of our app is a pure meditation program based on my QUIET MIND innovations in short-form meditation. The app includes a detailed user introduction - but you can also just jump in and play around with the programs. The "Quiet My Mind" button offers 24 two-minute random-play video experiences. And when you have 6 minutes free, explore an expanded flow of 24 "Video Guidance" programs, perhaps one a day. Other buttons on our main menu lead to further guidance and adventure. 


Enjoy years of inner awakening - and please, tell your friends!

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