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~ poemic provocations ~




- 1 -


here we sit

straddling our

celestial ball

hurtling through


flying dauntlessly

away from nothing

through nothing

into nothing


our lifetimes

sound like single silent

finger snaps


and yet

here we sit

taking it all

so very







- 2


a leaf



to the ground

and without a sound

settling satisfied


I speak of myself

as a galaxy


and very slight

a random electron

with perfect trajectory


for it has been

a year of

timeless time

moving weightless

through the vacuum

of my mind






- 3 -


seeking immortality

I called to me

those under five


they told me excitedly

of bursting

wondrous things

of color and of touch

of sweet-tasting music

dripping through the

caverns of their minds


and then they told me


of finding the giant


and of worshipping it


and only once


when they fell silent

I asked them to

tell me more

but they only laughed

on impatient feet

and ran away





- 4 -

time cannot return

all those years

of gathering butterflies

and dreaming cobweb dreams



Lila laughing

rivers running

to the sea

to rise again

no doubt


after the beginning

and before the end

a strange place to be

hearts open and souls free

love will bring us



equal beings

you and me









- 5 -


mumbling professors

come to me for therapy

and sit uncomfortably

talking randomly

of confused computers

and dislocated amygdalas


soon I have them sensing

the air flowing into

academic nostrils

which instantly compute

wind velocity

and turbulence ratios

as they tell me

how their love life



following zen admonitions

they focus intently

on left feet and inner thighs


until synapses smoke

computations falter

and for one brief moment

reality appears









- 6 -


sometimes I sit

alone in the evening

I think of your loving

I think of your smile

I remember when we met

way up in the city

I asked you to stay

and you said



I think I remember

your eyes they were blue

your hair it was long

and you never did wear shoes

I think I remember

I really did love you


having you gone

makes me feel blue

if you could have waited

I would have been true









- 7 -


why then

knowing grace

do you bring stones


blind hostility

only shatters

and leaves in ruins

the gates of peace

which would have opened




but we all know

civilizations come

and civilizations go

breathing words like

Nixon Claudius Geronimo


and all the while

the patient yet unceasing tide

digs deeper holes

under unsuspecting

slowly sinking heels









- 8 -


she slept softly

I could feel her air

coming and going

and there was a

sweetness to her breath

which distinctly

reminded me

of paradise


inhaling exhaling without pause

sustaining the rhythm

of planetary existence


I put my ear to her

naked breast

and there was her

heart pounding


and I thought

how marvelous

she is

you are

I am











- 9 -


with rough-hewn ablutions

I shall tell you

how many times

I have worshipped this


whitewashed adobe

the horse’s neigh

shifting sands

and she there


her breath gentle

on my skin

and the sudden coolness

of the desert night

evaporating the

sweet sweat

of anticipation


I continue to worship this

father even after

the billowing consummation

of our genital desires

and it is for this

unexpected continuity

of awestruck adoration

that I hold all reverence










- 10 -


you’re so young

and filled with dreams of love

know that I love you

even though I give you this shove


these volcanoes they’ve got a power

you have to face head on

if you don’t they’ll lay you low

it’s best if you were gone


time keeps marching on

you never know what’s next

but just to know that

you’re my friend

I feel that I’ve been blessed


this song is as simple
as the sunrise on the water

this song is as simple as

the love in your eyes


and as I see you leaving me

I feel a sense of loss

but sometimes it’s essential

to escape at any cost










- 11 -


it was here

that we found it

paws digging cleanly

to the heart to expose

that forbidden substance

found deep beneath

the pilgrim rock


there were those who stood gaping

and there were those who saw

(one whispered Ishmael

another trembled

spitting blood)


how to dip into

that sacred spittoon

and with velvet fingertips

capture that

which is so desired

and partake of it



one whispered Ishmael

another trembled








- 12 -


ah praises


we have finally

garnered glimpses

of falling leaves

in autumn


life is not

what we expected

and death is not

what we feared


and now

at our request

they have raked

the autumn leaves

into a giant mound

and with a fatal match

the gardener is lighting

our sweet-smelling

funeral pyre








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