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April 10, 2018

Finally it seems that people everywhere are coming out of the cannabis closet and admitting that yes, we use marijuana and yes, we're proud of this aspect of our lives. I've been involved in the psychological and meditative dimension of cannabis usage since I did my first NIH research study on that topic at the New Jersey Neuro-psychiatric Institute several decades ago. My focus throughout has been on how to use grass mindfully, so as to reap the many benefits and avoid the pitfalls of this psychoactive additive to contemporary life. Now finally I've had time to work with an app team and develop...

April 6, 2018

Here's a good article on the 4 most recent novels I've completed. The article gives a brief introduction to all 4 of the novels in the Jack Hadley series: 

John Selby approaches our traditional American suspense-mystery genre quite reverently - and at the same time disruptively. The author of the Jack Hadley Mystery series offers 2018 readers a genre-stretching adventure of non-stop action and entertainment with a slight sci-fi edge,. At its core, this suspense series delivers a deadly-serious exposé of where Silicon Valley's new psych-tech inventions might be taking us....

April 1, 2018

Over the years I've enjoyed coaching quite a number of aspiring authors with a great book inside them needing to get envisioned and completed. Now that I've written most of the books in my own bucket-list, I'm opening up more time to help younger writers discover how to envision, rough out, edit and publish their books.

Here's my basic mentor-ghostwriting presentation, in case you are currently seeking professional guidance in manifesting your own book project:

John Selby: mentoring, ghostwriting, editing support

John Selby...

March 26, 2018

All four of my new novels in the Jack Hadley Mystery series have, as their root impetus, a real-life historic research institute that in the sixties was funded by NIH, and directed secretly by the CIA's nefarious MK-ULTRA mind-manipulation program. I unwittingly participated in this well-funded CIA conspiracy, doing both hypnotic and psychedelic consciousness-expansion research for 2 years under the tutelage of Humphry Osmond MD who ran the Institute. 

Literally for 50 years, my co-author Paul Davids and I struggled to write a reveal-all book about what we'd experienced at the New Jersey Neu...

March 25, 2018

I very seldom write a blog that simply sends you off somewhere else to read something by another writer - but this is an exception. The Guardian recently published an opinion article called "Technology Is Driving Us To Distraction" which so perfectly and masterfully states what's been bugging me existentially for years now - that I'm going to give you the link, ask you to trust me and go read.

Here's a lure: "I now believe the liberation of human attention may be the defining moral and political struggle of our time. It is a first-order problem; its success is a prerequisite to the success o...

March 24, 2018

 Recently I've been running into complaints from traditional thriller/suspense editors in New York. They insist that I'm mixing genres too much, especially for their sales teams. I have no answer except that, in all literature, innovation should always be the name of the game. For me, real literature comes into being when an author stops trying to write for a formula market, and instead writes in a unique voice that merges genres into a larger free expression. I deeply value, perhaps even worship, the spontaneous inflow of free creative passion that helps generate literature rather than genre/fo...

November 6, 2017

I've been spending every minute of my free time working on my new novel, MAHEE SPEAKS. And I just can't help it - this is a radical story in every way. I didn't 'come up with' the story, I somehow unknowingly worked myself into a plot corner where I have no option but to write this book, and write it as pure unbarred literature, not as genre fiction.

For those of you who've already read one or more of the Jack Hadley novels featured on this site, you'll find MAHEE SPEAKS a genuine climax to those first four novels about the Hadley family and their various dimensions of involvement with psych-tech...

August 24, 2017

I've recently gone through my lifetime of writing poetry and lyrics - during my 20's my primary professional focus was song-writing and poemics; I didn't realize it at the time, but as I now go through and edit all my poems and lyrics, I find a hundred poems and around 30 songs that I still love and consider of lasting value. And so I'm finally for the fist time publishing my poemic output.

The book is called MIND DANCE: POEMIC PROVOCATIONS. From all my poetic writings I've selected and edited 110 poems; this slim book is available for just a buck on Kindle, and at the lowest acceptable price on...

July 4, 2017

Having gathered many helpful comments and suggestions from reader friends during this last 6 months, I've now spent a few weeks in retreat, re-polishing all 4 books in the Jack Hadley suspense series. Especially, I've advanced dialog throughout, cutting everything superfluous to the plot so that the flow is optimum. Hopefully I've also caught all the tiny typos.

I find this new 'ever improving' aspect of print-on-demand publishing quite exciting as a novelist - it means that I can continue to make my creation better and better, rather than just pounding out a manuscript like we did in the old day...

May 10, 2017

I've just spent the last six months finishing up the fourth novel in the Jack Hadley Mystery series. Somehow I felt almost compulsively determined to finish this new dimension of the Hadley family saga - and now it's done!

VIBE TRIBE itself ... I've never written anything quite like it style-wize. The main character who tells the story first-hand is yet another Hadley Clan member, and because he's a successful novelist, I've allowed his voice to write with his full literary capacity, playing with words and saying even basic action paragraphs with a touch of poetic spin to keep the reader entertai...

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